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Burlesque is the art of taking of your clothes in a fun and artistic way. There's way more to it then the nearly naked party. Actually that's a fun one too! The Burlesque artist ends up with a shiny, tiny panties and nipple tassels or pasties.

Tassels are the little glittery pieces, they come in many fun designs and stay on the boobs. The twirling action at the end is a big celebration.


The Burlesque dancer teases the audience and takes them on an adventurous ride. Believe me there are 1001 ways to take of a satin glove.


Be enchanted by a Classic Burlesque Show, a feather fan dance or a colorful Las Vegas Showgirl act as a Birthday surprise!

As I do Classic Burlesque and Neo Burlesque I got one more website with more information about my Burlesque Dance. If you are interested, you can get to my Alter Ego's Website by clicking on the banner or have a look on my mermaid performance:

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