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Mittwoch, 15. Juli 2015

The name Burlesque wasn't new for me, I saw Dita von Teese on TV many times, and that was all I knew of it. But the moment, the creativity and liveliness of this artform really struck me, was when I watched a video of Trixy Little and the Evil Hate Monkey on Youtube. I loved every bit of their performance and I would watch all the video I could find. I love the fun, humour and acrobatics they put into their acts. 

Then, seeing a performer live for the first time, was the moment it really hit me. This is it. This is what I want to do, without a doubt. I totally fell for the art of Burlesque. So yes, it took me some time to get totally involved with Burlesque, but I am so glad it happened! Like everything, it is a process, there is so much to learn and it takes time to build sth. so I am really enjoying every bit of it and I am looking forward for what is yet to come.


There is a lot to learn, about the variety, the different styles, different approaches, different forms of shows and the scene itself. It's 2 years now, since I have seen Kitty Gowild perform, my first live act I've seen and since then a lot has happened. I did put a lot of effort into finding my own Burlesque Character, completed the my "Bachelorette of Burlesque" degree with Marlene von Steenvag during classes with her,  Ginger Synne and Clea Cutthroat in Berlin, visiting various Workshops with international performers like Erochica Bamboo and Miss Sina King and getting creative with my own acts.


So the fact that there is a Burlesque Community, is sth. i really like. You meet one dancer, there is a connection, a new world opens up to you, you find new friends (really fun friends I gotta say :-) ) and the journey continues.


My first show was at the Leckmuschel Party in Cologne where the wonderful Miss Pink Champagne gave me the opportunity to perform, and it was a blast! :-) Thanks for this fun first performance!


Now I am geting to the part that covers the actual topic.


I live in Cologne, but actually I am from Luxemburg, so I am really keen on bringing Burlesque to Luxemburg. I am happy if you contact me, since it would be great to get in touch with other performers. Also I got a show in mind, which doesn't need to be pure burlesque, but more sth like a modern freakshow or circus show. So if you are interested in joining me on this mission, please let me know.


I am really keen on bringing on some workshops! So if you and your friends are interested, please let me know and get in touch with me. I am happy to come and connect with you ladies and have a fun time with you dancing and getting the groove on! Burlesque Hen Parties are actually great fun, so if you are planning on a special hen party, then book your Burlesque Hen Party!


Dance your life!